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10 Tips for Going Viral

10 Tips for Going Viral 

Viral marketing is like a "virus'' which is sent from sender to recipient and spreads like wildfire. If the message is interesting it moves very fast around the world and you can get attention from countless recipients. Viral marketing has proven to be one of the most interesting methods of promoting a company. With little effort or money, besides the cost of producing the film, animation, or drawing, you can get to a very wide range of people.

What exactly is "viral'' marketing.

A virus is an interesting video, animation, or drawing, that users enjoy to such an extent,that he/she will begin to distribute it to friends, or share with others on their social network. And so, an interesting video will be sent like "word of mouth" from one person to another. It can draw attention to a product/ service through its entertainment value.

We had a workshop here at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre about going viral last week, if you missed the workshop here's our top tips for going viral. 

  1. Focus on Current Events and Trends - you have to keep your eye on what's happening in the world around you. Always check Google news and Google trends and share information on your social media.
  2. Make a Video - it's become very easy to make video using phone and affordable camera technology. For example look at www.facebook.com/mr-cian-twomey, this guy started making parody videos using an alter ego based on his girlfriend, his videos have spread far and wide and he is now selling t-shirts on the back of it. All in a very short space of time.
  3. Pay Attention to Keywords and Tags - this is very important to make your material findable in search engines
  4. Get Noticed by Someone Big- Unfortunately, it is not easy to be noticed by someone famous but everything is possible, keep following the influencers and celebrities and maybe someday.... good luck:)
  5. Start a Contest- remember a good contest is always popular and has great share value
  6. Use Humour- everyone likes happy people, something funny will get you attention and sharing. Just be careful - humour is subjective
  7. Be Shocking and Controversial- within reason!!! Look at the success of Paddy Power's campaigns - they push the envelop every time
    Check out some examples here Paddy Powers Top 10 Controversial Campaigns
  8. Use Photos and Visual Content - make good, large and high quality photos & visuals to catch the attention of people who will share it.
  9. Submit to Reddit- to get your material seen
  10. Don't Be Boring - be smart and do something new, use your imagination, have a brainstorming session, a great idea doesn't care who it happens to! 

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