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Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s “Lunch with Bill Liao” deemed a huge success

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s “Lunch with Bill Liao” deemed a huge success

Last Thursday marked the arrival of Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s most ambitious event to date. The lunch time seminar with entrepreneur Bill Liao proved to be a huge success amongst all attendees and Dungarvan’s local businesses.
Our guest speaker Bill Liao delivered what was described by many attendees as an “Inspiring” and “Thought Provoking” seminar. Bill touched on a number of subjects such as his own background and rise to prominence in the business world, getting investment, value creation, the key aspects to being a successful entrepreneur and the importance of networking. The speech itself was preceded by an informal buffet lunch where the participants in the seminar could network and we are pleased to announce that a number of exciting new business contacts were created.
The topic of entrepreneurship was something that Bill Liao was keen to discuss as he explained the importance of learning from ones mistakes, “Failure is the number one aspect of entrepreneurialism, it is all about how you handle and learn from failure.” A particularly interesting piece Bill spoke about was a concept that he learnt form Daniel Pink called “The ABC’s of Enterprise and Selling.” In this Bill explained that in order to increase sales one must adopt:

  •  Atunement – “Be friendly, polite and increase your listening skills…atunement with investors is very important.”
  • Buoyancy – “You want opinions of and interactions with your product to be resilient and positive.”
  • Clarity – “More Simple instructions or brand will be chosen over all other cheaper alternatives.”
Bill went on to say that he became the man he is today because of a single question “Imagine handing over fifty grand without suffering any pain or loss. Imagine who you would have to become.” His understanding of the power of networking is something that really shined through in his visit. He made various new contacts and connected the seminars participants with his own contacts. Even during the seminar he promoted a number of businesses he was working with such as Sunzu and Task Messenger. This showed his extraordinary ability to constantly make introductions.

We couldn't be more pleased with the turnout to this event and would like to thank you everyone who came or helped out. Hopefully all our seminars in the future will be as successful as this one!

A Shot of Mags Durand O' Connor, Bill Liao and Anike Tyrell.

A group shot of entrepreneurs networking.

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