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Research on Digital Marketing carried out by Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Research on Digital Marketing carried out by DEC

Q.1 Businesses in our survey were predominantly Professional Services at 30.6%, followed by retail at 24.5% and Manufacturing and Business Services at 14.3%.  IT businesses had very low representation at 6.1%. This would be a fair representation of businesses in Dungarvan. 

Other (26.5%) included:
Auctioneers & Valuers x 1
Art & Print/Art tutoring x 1
Chiropractic x 1
Accomodation & Training x 2
Letting Property for Regeneration Centre x 1
Sports/Leisure x 2
Tourism(Ralley School) x 1
Online Training x 1
Social Enterprise x 1
Holistic Therapies x 1
Construction x 1

Q.2 Businesses in our survey could benefit from training workshops in the use of digital tools with 89.6% giving a yes response and a 10.4% no response.

Q.3 Businesses in our survey would like training in the following areas with online advertising being the most sought after course requirement followed by getting sales from your wesite 55.3%, understanding google analytics and facebook 46.8%, using apps to get sales 44.7% and building a word press 42.6%.


What are cookies What is best system to use Apple/iPhone vs Google / Android x 1
Upskillingin in eMarketing and running a business availing of software packages x 1
x  1

Choosing the right CRM and implementation x 1

Project Management / SIGMA course FETAG 5/6 

Q. 4 There are services we could offer which would make businesses online activity more effective 51% with a yes response and 49% no response.

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