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Congratulations to DEC tenants Forcelink!!!

A HUGE congratulations to our tenants Paul, Mark and all at Forcelink who have been selected by SouthWestern for the delivery of the National Quality Assurance Framework in Irish tourism.

Read the full article on Forcelink's website here: http://www.forcelink.net/2013/07/forcelink-selected-southwestern-delivery-national-quality-assurance-framework-irish-tourism/

Summer Camp with a Difference at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Summer Camp with a Difference at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

We are super excited to announce the launch of our first ever “DEC Coding Camp” in association with Darock Media and Waterford County Enterprise Board. This exciting new summer camp is aimed at teaching kids how to code and create websites.

This summer camp will be running for 5 days, from the 19th to the 23rd of August and will definitely be a great opportunity for children to get practical experience with websites. The camp is open to any kids that have an interest in coding, from those who have absolutely no knowledge of website design to those who want to extend their existing knowledge of coding further. Either way it is bound to be a fun experience!

This camp promises a simple and friendly approach to teaching skills in a fun learning environment. Skills taught in this camp include how to write HTML, create themes and publish fully functional websites. The camp will be open to children from the ages of 8 to 14 and will take place each day in the Dungarvan Enterprise Centre from 10.00am to 1pm.

The camp will be taught by our friend and associate Darach Cawley, an IT and coding expert who founded Darock Media and co founded Bundlebee.ie. Darach also runs Dungarvan Enterprise Centre's Coder Dojo club, and although our camp is not associated with Coder Dojo it was definitely inspired by it! Darach has also presented a number of our digital workshops at the centre and we are very excited to be working with him again.

In a few short years we have seen a huge increase in the number of jobs that require coders and programming skills. Ireland itself currently has a shortfall of 20,000 software engineers. Learning how to code young not only provides a better future for children but it also teaches them how to think logically and creatively, while learning how to work in teams.

This summer camp begins on the 19th of August and will cost €99 per child and €160 for two siblings. If you would like to book a place please contact dungarvanec@gmail.com or phone 058 23598.

To learn more about Darach Cawley or Darock Media please visit his website darockmedia.com

Results on training/seminar survey carried out by Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Results on training/seminar survey carried out by DEC

We would just like to thank everyone that took the time to fill out our survey, it is very much appreciated. A new series of training workshops and seminars will now be developed around these needs for our local businesses.

Q1. Do you feel your business could benefit from training in digital tools?

Businesses in our survey feel they could benefit from training in digital tools with 95.1% saying yes and 4.9% saying no.

  Q2. What digital skills would you be interested in developing? (Tick all that apply)

Businesses in our survey predominantly showed an interest in Social networking for their business and online marketing 63.2%.

LinkedIn x 1
Photoshop x 1
College-studies x 1

Q3. Do you feel your business could benefit from business skills training?

100% of businesses surveyed believed they could benefit from business skills training.

 Q4. What business skills would you be interested in developing? (Tick all that apply)

Time Management and Building Brand Recognition were the most popular business skills amongst the businesses surveyed 47.5%.

Models for how community/creative orientated projects can be nurtured and interwoven through a profit driven endeavor/business x 1

 Q5. What (Irish based) speaker would you most like to see deliver a seminar?

Doug Richard was the most popular choice amongst businesses 34.0%.

Michael O’Leary x 1
Richard Branson x 1
Mark Breen x 1
A speaker associated with the organisation business and arts x 1
Hands on Speaker who shows how to apply what they are talking about x 1
A speaker who will talk about a topic that is relavent to our business where we can bring something back to our own business to utilise and benefit from x 1
A speaker with experience of taking an idea from concept through patent to product on shelves x 1

Q6. What areas of business would you most like to see a speaker talk about? (Tick all that apply)

Innovation was the most popular 52.6%

Any of the above x 1
Getting more local business x 1
Sustainable / eco packaging and green business models x 1
Making room for creativity and ethics within a company x 1

 Q7. How long would you expect these workshops to run for?

Half a day workshops were the most popular with the businesses that we surveyed 57.4%.

Full Day x 1
Anytime x 1
Main work shop 1/2 day and evening time for lighter topics x 1

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