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21 Social Marketing Tips from the Pros

Came across this great article today on socialmediaexaminer.com and had to share.  Here is what they had to say.

1. Attract Leads with Facebook Offers
Amy Porterfield - If your looking for a new way to attract quality leads using social media, try Facebook Offers.

2. Use Social Media To Engage With Your Email Subscribers
Melanie Duncan - The best social media marketing tip I have for businesses is to use social media to engage with your email subscribers.

3. Combine Your Marketing Channels
Brian Carter - My biggest tip is strategic: combine all the best of digital marketing for what I call your "Perpetual (Pro)motion Machine."

4. Create A LinkedIn Company Page
Viveka Von Rosen - If you don't have a company Page up on LinkedIn yet, what are you waiting for?  LinkedIn Company Pages are not only a great way to get more branding for your business, but they are also an excellent way to reach your target market on LinkedIn.

5. Identify your Outcomes
Ric Dragon - When we talk about the best thing to do in social media marketing for any given business, we have to begin with what that business is trying to achieve - its "desired outcomes."

6. Become The Wikipedia of Your Industry
Marcus Sheridan: We have all grown incredibly impatient online and it's for this reason that the best social media strategy any company can take in 2013 and beyond is to become a true teacher (Wikipedia) within their industry.  The golden rule of marketing is this:- 

They ask, you answer.

7. Meet In Person or "Virtually Connect"
Andrea Vahl - Either by organizing a "Meetup" of "Tweetup" with a group, going to be a conference (such as Social Media Marketing World) where I know the people I wanted to meet would be or even just connecting one-on-one through Skype.  I highly recommend you take some of these online connections offline to make a deeper connection.

8.Ask Your Audience Anything
Pat Flynn - Ask.  Plain and simple - just ask.  Ask anything. Why?  Because when you ask the audience something, you give them permission to speak.  When it comes to social media, you want to do two things: engage and get people involved.

9.Like Your Customers On Facebook
Instead of asking your consumers to like your brand on Facebook, why don't you start liking them?

10. Listen First and Never Stop Listening
Dave Kerpen - Listening to your customers across social media is most important.

11. Move from Social Like to Social Trust
John Jantsch - Create and Share valuable content with no gate or requirement.  Then offer those readers even more content when they like your page or visit a landing page to sign up for more updates.

12. Secure Your Brand & Product Names
Justin Levy - Its critical that you secure your brand and product names on all major social media channels.  This is as important as the deomain name you choose for your company.

13. Find Your Content Marketing Mission
Joe Pulizzi - If you can get your mission statement straight, you'll make social media marketing that much easier for yourself.

14. Listen 100% Of The Time
Sarah Robinson - The best social media marketing advice I can offer is this: Talk about yourself 10% of the time, engage with others about what matters to them 90% of the time and listen 100% of the time.

15. Create A Systematic Approach
Stephanie Sammons - Developing a system that is focused on high-impact social media marketing activities while spending the least amount of time possible allows you to be a consistent and efficient marketer.  Consistency builds trust and efficiency lowers your marketing costs.

16. Create Your Voice
Niall Schaffer - Of all the companies I consult with, the one social media marketing tip this is always part of my advice is the importance of blogging.

17. Share Content That Resonates With Your Audience
Jesse Stay - The best tip I have to offer for social media marketing is to stick to your passions!

18. Exchange Contact Information
Paul Colligan: Just as you exchange phone numbers or email addresses (with some people) at any social event, you should, and want to, consider doing the same thing on any social network you want to be part of.

19. Distribute Your Blog Content to the Most Popular Groups on Linkedin
Michael Crosson - It is easy to gain very valuable distribution of your content to some of the 200,000,000 members of LinkedIn.

20. Integrate Social Media Best Practices
Carrie Kerpen - The most important social media marketing tip for business is to integrate, integrate, integrate. Social media can't exist in a silo.  Instead it should be a core part of your strategy.

21. Focus On Getting Attention First
Aaron Kahlow - If I had to boil it down to one social marketing tip, it is to focus on the marketing element.  We are marketers, we need to get some movement beyond buzz and really drive progress.  In that vein, my tip is to focus on getting attention FIRST.

Read the full article here http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/21-social-media-marketing-tips-from-the-pros/

Video Killed the Radio Star - Is Your Business Communicating Effectively?

Video Killed the Radio Star - Is Your Business Communicating Effectively?

As part of its drive to promote and encourage digital advancement in Co. Waterford, Dungarvan Enterprise Centre is embracing online video.  The centre is offering professional video production for businesses in Co Waterford who wish to take the next step in online communication.

"There are several benefits to using online video", says mags Durand O'Connor, "you can build instant rapport with your audience, you put a face to your business, you can demonstrate your creativity, your product and your expertise. Moreover, you can build your brand, create virality for your communications and ultimately increase traffic to your website".

According to research conducted by Online Publishers Assoiation (OPA), around 46% of people who watch online video take some action.  Roughly 22% of viewers visited the website relating to the add, while 26% looked for more information, 15% visited the company and 12% purchased that specific product.  Other online research demonstrates that 52% of consumers say that product videos help them to make purchase decisions, while 66% of consumers watch videos twice or more.  Website and blog visitors who view online vidoes are 85% more likely to buy and videos have been proven to boost website sales conversion rates by 9%.  With proper optimisation, a web video increases the chance of a front page Google position by 53%.

"These stats speak volumes for themselves", states Mags, "so we feel it is important that local businesses reap the benefits of online video."  Dungarvan Enterprise Centre is currently gathering names of interested businesses for their online video offering, if there is sufficient interest, the centre in association with Waterford County Enterprise Board, will offer subsidised filming days at the centre.  If you are a local business and think you could benefit from online video give Mags a call at 058 23598.

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