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Dungarvan Enterprise Centre Makes a Mark at FBD Dungarvan Chamber Awards

The recent FBD Dungarvan Chamber awards showcased some great success stories from Dungarvan Enterprise Centre.

In a year that saw over 200 businesses enter the awards, tenants from the centre were shortlisted in three of twelve categories:

Technology & E-business: TEFL Express 
Best Use of Social Media: TEFL Express 
New Business: BPC Financial Planning 

This is a reflection of the quality of businesses attracted to the centre and we are very proud to be associated with these businesses. 

Centre manager Mags was also nominated & shortlisted in the employee contribution category, which she won. Well done to a very happy Mags! 

Mags pictured with Colette Bannon, Chamber President  receiving her award which was sponsored by McDonald's
The Awards event which took place at Lismore Castle was a very enjoyable evening, which saw a huge turnout from the business community. There was a great sense of community and support at the event, which was very well organised by Dungarvan & West Waterford Chamber.

Twitter for Business with @TweetingGoddess

Learn how to Tweet Like a Tweep with our Twitter Workshop 

What: Twitter for Business
When: Wed 6th Nov from 10.00-1.00
Where: Dungarvan Enterprise Centre
With Who: Sam Kelly
How much: €40 per person 

Sam Kelly, recent recipient of a Tweety award is a prolific Tweep with a huge following. She has built her own profile through Twitter and has grown two businesses using the platform. So you'll understand why we are very very very excited to have her come to Dungarvan to deliver a Twitter for Business workshop!!

So what will you learn?? 

  • Summary
    Learn how Twitter can help build your business and deliver real value. You will learn how to:
    • Create an account
    • Twitter tips and tricks
    • Security
    • Benefits to business
    • Twitter lingo
    • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Objectives
    • Expert training from Twitter expert Samantha Kelly as seen on the Dragons Den and RTE's Documentary 'She's the Business'! She has also been on 2fm's The Colm Hayes Show and TV3. Samantha is the founder of Ireland's weekly top trending hashtag #irishbizparty on Twitter, knows how to use Twitter effectively and has a loyal following of over 8,900 followers. Samantha runs other twitter accounts for business and is very successful with them. She has created a hugely successful online profile through her use of Twitter and is connected with world renowned Forbes top 100 Tweeps. E.g. Bill Liao, Ted Rubin, Kim Garst
    • Course notes you can take away so you can apply the material fast
    • An up to date course schedule, keeping up with social media trends

  • Key Learning Areas
  • Your objectives for Twitter?
  • Quick background to Twitter
    What are your objectives for Twitter?
    The key elements of a Twitter plan
  • Review of key Twitter accounts & account set up
  • Brief explanation about the ecosystem & Q&A
    Twitter for business
    Tweetdeck for business
    Bufferapp for business
  • What else your Twitter account can do
  • Drive traffic and sales
    Increase brand awareness
    Maximize your interaction with your customers
    Market research
  • Twitter in action
  • Brand image
    Harnessing the power of Twitter
    Images & Links
    Lists & #Hashtags

Blogging Workshop with @DigiCarol - Learn to Write a Wordpress Blog

Learn to write a Wordpress Blog with @DigiCarol 

When: Wed 30th Oct 
Time: 10.00-1.00 
Where: Dungarvan Enterprise Centre 
Cost: €40 per person 

This course is for businesses or individuals that want to enter the blogoshpere but need to decide where blogging fits in with their marketing strategy. The attendants will be guided through each step of setting up and creating their own wordpress blog, and each person will have completed the course with the knowledge of how to manage their blog, as well as be armed with a content management strategy going forward.
·         Expert training by a qualified trainer who has built and managed blogs for many Irish brands.  Her background in both Digital Marketing and Anthropology gives her a unique insight into the behaviour of consumers in 2013 compared to those ten years ago where human behaviour is deeply rooted in the digital environment.
·         Course notes you can take away so you can apply the material fast
·         The latest thinking. The most recent updates on all major blogging applications

Key Learning Areas: 
·         The Why, What Where and How of blogging for your business
-Why Blog?
-What blogging platform?
-Where to market your blog
-How to create your blog & design your content management strategy
·         The benefits of blogging for your website performance
·         Brainstorming your blog; what is your most wanted response?
-          Build an email list;
-          Sell information or products;
-          Offer consulting packages;
-          Market a freelance service;
-          Build a community.
·         Your call to action
·         Case studies for best practice blogs
·         Designing your blog strategy and content plan
·         Elements of engaging Blog Posts
·         Compelling Blog Ideas
·         Create a publishing schedule
·         Optimising for Keywords
·         Social Media
·         Tracking & Reporting on blog quality (Google Analytics & Search Engine Optimisation)
·         Adapt your content publishing strategy.
Course Requirements:
*You must have a wordpress blog domain already set up.  This can be either a http://domain.com/wordpress or a self-hosted wordpress website (without the /wordpress at the end of the URL).
You can email trainer for further information on how to do this if required carolafaughan@gmail.com


Email dungarvanec@gmail.com or call 058 23598

Autumn Workshops Videos and Apps

Announcing Autumn Workshops: 

Videos and Apps

We're delighted to announce our Autumn workshop schedule. In response to your training needs as identified in our recent survey, we will be running workshops that will help you better understand Video and Apps. These workshops cover the basics that you need to know in order to make these tools work for you. We are delighted to run these courses in association with www.darockmedia.com 

Using Video for Promotion 

Date: Wed 18th Sept 2013
Time: 10.00AM-1.00PM
Location: Dungarvan Enterprise Centre 
Cost: €40 
This practical workshop is aimed at the small business owner who wants to know more about video and how it can help their business. The workshop explains how video can be used to promote your business online. It will help you to understand what type of video would work best for your business, how to make simple instructional videos, how you should approach working with a video producer, how to distribute your video and how to commercialise your video using Adwords. 

-Types of video (informational/instructional/advertising)
-Levels of video (slides, film)
-How to distribute video (You tube, website)
-How to commercialise video
-How to work with a video producer - what to look for
-Typical costs - work within your budget

Using Apps for Business 

Date: Wed 25th Sept 2013
Time: 10.00AM-1.00PM
Location: Dungarvan Enterprise Centre 
Cost: €40 
This practical workshop is aimed at the small business owner who wants to know how Apps can impact on their bottom line. The workshop introduces Apps, how they work and what they do. You will learn about free business Apps and how to use them to monitor and improve business productivity. You will also learn about tailored Apps and how your business could benefit from its own App. 

-Benefits of Apps
-Free apps that can benefit your business
-'How to' guide on free business apps
-Why build your own app
-What an app can and cannot do

BOOKING ESSENTIAL - CALL 058 23598  OR EMAIL dungarvanec@gmail.com 

DEC Coding Camp: Success for Dungarvan's coolest new summer camp

DEC Coding Camp: Success for Dungarvan's coolest new summer camp

The word is in: Code is definitely cool! Dungarvan Enterprise Centre's first ever Coding Camp was a huge success! This group of young computer wizards enjoyed 5 days of coding fun; designing websites, creating user interfaces and much more. 
We are absolutely delighted with the turnout of the camp and loved the chance to meet with so many creative young minds! We would like to thank everyone who supported the camp and all our attendees. Special thanks goes to Darach Cawley of Darock Media for teaching the kids and making it such a great camp!
Hopefully we will get another chance to do it all again next year. And who knows maybe we will be teaching the next Zuckerberg or Jobs?! Until then keep coding!

Digital Marketing Institute providing a professional diploma course at DEC

Digital Marketing Institute providing a Professional Diploma course at DEC

Exciting news everyone! We have partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute to present a professional diploma in digital marketing. This highly acclaimed course will be coming to Dungarvan Enterprise Centre on the 2nd of October and will hold an individual lecture each Wednesday for 10 weeks.

As the Digital Marketing Institute is Ireland’s top provider of courses in online skills we are so honored to have them come to our centre and spread their knowledge of the business world. The skills that they will be teaching include:
  • Search Engine Marketing - Customer insights, search results and positioning, pay per click.
  • Social Media Marketing - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages, apps and plug ins.
  • Strategy and Planning - Situation analysis, target audience, measurement of plan.
  • Digital Display Advertising - Campaign planning, tracking your campaign, running effective ads.

The Digital Marketing Institute has worked with a number of top names from around the globe including Facebook, Twitter, Google and eBay. Their expertise is one that is sought after by hundreds of companies and their presence in Dungarvan is a great sign of growth for the future of the town.

The Digital Marketing Institute provide courses exclusively designed by marketers for marketers. Attendees are guaranteed to learn about current trends in the digital world and the most advanced tools in digital marketing. It is a skillset that has become more and more crucial to businesses in recent years. Most recent research suggests that 25% of businesses will need to hire a chief digital officer by 2015.

This course costs €1500 and funding of 15% of total costs is available to all CEB clients. To book your place or for further details on this course please contact us at 058 23598 or email us at dungarvanec@gmail.com.

See the flyer with full course details at: http://www.slideshare.net/Dungarvanec/digital-marketing-institute-lyer

Congratulations to DEC tenants Forcelink!!!

A HUGE congratulations to our tenants Paul, Mark and all at Forcelink who have been selected by SouthWestern for the delivery of the National Quality Assurance Framework in Irish tourism.

Read the full article on Forcelink's website here: http://www.forcelink.net/2013/07/forcelink-selected-southwestern-delivery-national-quality-assurance-framework-irish-tourism/

Summer Camp with a Difference at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Summer Camp with a Difference at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

We are super excited to announce the launch of our first ever “DEC Coding Camp” in association with Darock Media and Waterford County Enterprise Board. This exciting new summer camp is aimed at teaching kids how to code and create websites.

This summer camp will be running for 5 days, from the 19th to the 23rd of August and will definitely be a great opportunity for children to get practical experience with websites. The camp is open to any kids that have an interest in coding, from those who have absolutely no knowledge of website design to those who want to extend their existing knowledge of coding further. Either way it is bound to be a fun experience!

This camp promises a simple and friendly approach to teaching skills in a fun learning environment. Skills taught in this camp include how to write HTML, create themes and publish fully functional websites. The camp will be open to children from the ages of 8 to 14 and will take place each day in the Dungarvan Enterprise Centre from 10.00am to 1pm.

The camp will be taught by our friend and associate Darach Cawley, an IT and coding expert who founded Darock Media and co founded Bundlebee.ie. Darach also runs Dungarvan Enterprise Centre's Coder Dojo club, and although our camp is not associated with Coder Dojo it was definitely inspired by it! Darach has also presented a number of our digital workshops at the centre and we are very excited to be working with him again.

In a few short years we have seen a huge increase in the number of jobs that require coders and programming skills. Ireland itself currently has a shortfall of 20,000 software engineers. Learning how to code young not only provides a better future for children but it also teaches them how to think logically and creatively, while learning how to work in teams.

This summer camp begins on the 19th of August and will cost €99 per child and €160 for two siblings. If you would like to book a place please contact dungarvanec@gmail.com or phone 058 23598.

To learn more about Darach Cawley or Darock Media please visit his website darockmedia.com

Results on training/seminar survey carried out by Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Results on training/seminar survey carried out by DEC

We would just like to thank everyone that took the time to fill out our survey, it is very much appreciated. A new series of training workshops and seminars will now be developed around these needs for our local businesses.

Q1. Do you feel your business could benefit from training in digital tools?

Businesses in our survey feel they could benefit from training in digital tools with 95.1% saying yes and 4.9% saying no.

  Q2. What digital skills would you be interested in developing? (Tick all that apply)

Businesses in our survey predominantly showed an interest in Social networking for their business and online marketing 63.2%.

LinkedIn x 1
Photoshop x 1
College-studies x 1

Q3. Do you feel your business could benefit from business skills training?

100% of businesses surveyed believed they could benefit from business skills training.

 Q4. What business skills would you be interested in developing? (Tick all that apply)

Time Management and Building Brand Recognition were the most popular business skills amongst the businesses surveyed 47.5%.

Models for how community/creative orientated projects can be nurtured and interwoven through a profit driven endeavor/business x 1

 Q5. What (Irish based) speaker would you most like to see deliver a seminar?

Doug Richard was the most popular choice amongst businesses 34.0%.

Michael O’Leary x 1
Richard Branson x 1
Mark Breen x 1
A speaker associated with the organisation business and arts x 1
Hands on Speaker who shows how to apply what they are talking about x 1
A speaker who will talk about a topic that is relavent to our business where we can bring something back to our own business to utilise and benefit from x 1
A speaker with experience of taking an idea from concept through patent to product on shelves x 1

Q6. What areas of business would you most like to see a speaker talk about? (Tick all that apply)

Innovation was the most popular 52.6%

Any of the above x 1
Getting more local business x 1
Sustainable / eco packaging and green business models x 1
Making room for creativity and ethics within a company x 1

 Q7. How long would you expect these workshops to run for?

Half a day workshops were the most popular with the businesses that we surveyed 57.4%.

Full Day x 1
Anytime x 1
Main work shop 1/2 day and evening time for lighter topics x 1

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s “Lunch with Bill Liao” deemed a huge success

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s “Lunch with Bill Liao” deemed a huge success

Last Thursday marked the arrival of Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s most ambitious event to date. The lunch time seminar with entrepreneur Bill Liao proved to be a huge success amongst all attendees and Dungarvan’s local businesses.
Our guest speaker Bill Liao delivered what was described by many attendees as an “Inspiring” and “Thought Provoking” seminar. Bill touched on a number of subjects such as his own background and rise to prominence in the business world, getting investment, value creation, the key aspects to being a successful entrepreneur and the importance of networking. The speech itself was preceded by an informal buffet lunch where the participants in the seminar could network and we are pleased to announce that a number of exciting new business contacts were created.
The topic of entrepreneurship was something that Bill Liao was keen to discuss as he explained the importance of learning from ones mistakes, “Failure is the number one aspect of entrepreneurialism, it is all about how you handle and learn from failure.” A particularly interesting piece Bill spoke about was a concept that he learnt form Daniel Pink called “The ABC’s of Enterprise and Selling.” In this Bill explained that in order to increase sales one must adopt:

  •  Atunement – “Be friendly, polite and increase your listening skills…atunement with investors is very important.”
  • Buoyancy – “You want opinions of and interactions with your product to be resilient and positive.”
  • Clarity – “More Simple instructions or brand will be chosen over all other cheaper alternatives.”
Bill went on to say that he became the man he is today because of a single question “Imagine handing over fifty grand without suffering any pain or loss. Imagine who you would have to become.” His understanding of the power of networking is something that really shined through in his visit. He made various new contacts and connected the seminars participants with his own contacts. Even during the seminar he promoted a number of businesses he was working with such as Sunzu and Task Messenger. This showed his extraordinary ability to constantly make introductions.

We couldn't be more pleased with the turnout to this event and would like to thank you everyone who came or helped out. Hopefully all our seminars in the future will be as successful as this one!

A Shot of Mags Durand O' Connor, Bill Liao and Anike Tyrell.

A group shot of entrepreneurs networking.

Who is Bill Liao? The entrepreneur and self-made millionaire comes to Dungarvan.

The 16th of May 2013 marks a very important date in Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s calendar as Bill Liao, investor, author and member of the entrepreneur hall of fame will be visiting us to give a once off seminar on the digital world.

So who is Bill Liao? Aside from his full time role as venture partner with the highly successful firm SOSventures, Bill Liao is also a founder of charity WeForest.org and co-founder of the innovative business social network XING. In 2011 Bill Liao co-founded the ground breaking Coder Dojo movement in an attempt to teach children how to write computer codes and programs. In relation to the movement he has stated that “Computer programming is a language skill and it needs to be learned young.” At this time Coder Dojo is operating in 22 countries and teaches 10,000 children every week. Bill Liao is also known for his involvement as investor and director in such companies as Silicon Republic, Storyful and many more and from his best-selling book “Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing.”

Having Bill Liao come to our Centre is an absolute privilege. Especially as DEC Coder Dojo has been such a success with the young people of Dungarvan. Anike Tyrrell, CEO of Waterford County Enterprise Board noted that “Dungarvan has one of the best fibre optics networks in Ireland and Bill Liao is a huge name in the digital world, his presence in Dungarvan only further pushes the notion that we could transform our town into the digital centre of the south-east.”

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Digital Workshops at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Online Advertising & Understanding Google AnalyticsHow important is online advertising to my business? Is there a link between advertising online and actual in-store sales? How can I increase the effectiveness and traffic flow to my website? These are key questions for any business from start ups to prehistoric firms, and small local business's to corporate giants. All of these questions will be answered in the first of our upcoming digital workshops. In this workshop you will learn how to understand the mechanics of your website and the power it has to help increase your sales, improve your traffic flow and understand your customer needs, all from their usage of your site. This workshop will be delivered by Darach Cawley of Darock media, an IT expert and programmer who founded bundlebee.ie.

Wednesday 10th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Getting Sales from the Web

Sales. What could be more important to a business? The customer comes into your place of business, cash is exchanged for your product or service and everyone is happy. But what if there was a way in which you could sell your product or service without your customers seeing the physical product or even setting foot in the door? What would you think if I told you your website could become an interactive shop and not just a dissociated shop front? This idea is not as strange as it sounds. In response to a recent survey completed by local business's we are offering you a chance to learn from the best how you can use your website to generate sales! Online selling is a continuously growing trend and so we wish to use this workshop to teach you how you can get the most out of your website. The following workshop, presented by the founder of bundlebee.ie and IT expert and developer Darach Cawley, will give you the know how to make sales online and transform your website into a professional e-commerce centre.

Wednesday 17th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Getting Sales from Facebook

Facebook is just another way to promote my business, right? Facebook can never actually make me any money, right? So therefore I should invest little time into running it, right? Wrong! Your business's Facebook page can be so much more than a simple tool to promote your latest offer. Today it has become another weapon in your arsenal of sales devices. Generating actual sales and sending people from your Facebook page to your shop has become a real possibility. Ask yourself, are you using your Facebook to its max? In the third of our upcoming digital workshops you will learn how to make your page profitable, be seen online, and most importantly generate sales for your business. This workshop will be presented by sales professional and social media afficionado Shane Morrisey of Munster Social Media.

Friday 27th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Introduction to Video Production with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Picture this: you are a business planning on increasing your sales or perhaps your market share or maybe you want to diversify your target audience. This is when you decide you need an effective way to market yourself to your new audience or gain a wider reach. You've learnt about the importance and the global effect of viral and video marketing and want to reap these benefits, but where do you begin? This is where Colm Williamson of Waterford Whisper News comes in. In this workshop Colm will teach you how to create your own videos and add effects. By the end of this workshop your business will be capable of releasing your own viral videos. Don't worry if you are not a Steven Spielberg, this is a workshop completely for beginners!

Wednesday 1st May, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Writing Content for Web Blogging and Online Communication

I know what you're thinking: why should my business get involved in content writing? Blogs just seem like a waste of time, don't they? How can blogging benefit my type of business? These are queries which will be covered thoroughly in our writing content for blogging workshop. The importance of creation of strong content has become more and more relevant to all business's in recent years. A blog is a simple means of getting across your relevant information to customers and fuels SEO. It doesn't have to be time consuming and it isn't relevant to only one type of business over another. As well as this, it creates free PR and is a cost effective marketing strategy, its benefits to a business can be huge! This workshop teaches users how to create high quality content and generate ideas with relative ease. This workshop will be delivered by Colm Williamson of Waterford Whispers News, a content creator and online satirical writer who specialises in generating viral content.

Wednesday 8th May, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

To book your place in any of the above workshops call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Research on Digital Marketing carried out by Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Research on Digital Marketing carried out by DEC

Q.1 Businesses in our survey were predominantly Professional Services at 30.6%, followed by retail at 24.5% and Manufacturing and Business Services at 14.3%.  IT businesses had very low representation at 6.1%. This would be a fair representation of businesses in Dungarvan. 

Other (26.5%) included:
Auctioneers & Valuers x 1
Art & Print/Art tutoring x 1
Chiropractic x 1
Accomodation & Training x 2
Letting Property for Regeneration Centre x 1
Sports/Leisure x 2
Tourism(Ralley School) x 1
Online Training x 1
Social Enterprise x 1
Holistic Therapies x 1
Construction x 1

Q.2 Businesses in our survey could benefit from training workshops in the use of digital tools with 89.6% giving a yes response and a 10.4% no response.

Q.3 Businesses in our survey would like training in the following areas with online advertising being the most sought after course requirement followed by getting sales from your wesite 55.3%, understanding google analytics and facebook 46.8%, using apps to get sales 44.7% and building a word press 42.6%.


What are cookies What is best system to use Apple/iPhone vs Google / Android x 1
Upskillingin in eMarketing and running a business availing of software packages x 1
x  1

Choosing the right CRM and implementation x 1

Project Management / SIGMA course FETAG 5/6 

Q. 4 There are services we could offer which would make businesses online activity more effective 51% with a yes response and 49% no response.

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