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Who is Bill Liao? The entrepreneur and self-made millionaire comes to Dungarvan.

The 16th of May 2013 marks a very important date in Dungarvan Enterprise Centre’s calendar as Bill Liao, investor, author and member of the entrepreneur hall of fame will be visiting us to give a once off seminar on the digital world.

So who is Bill Liao? Aside from his full time role as venture partner with the highly successful firm SOSventures, Bill Liao is also a founder of charity WeForest.org and co-founder of the innovative business social network XING. In 2011 Bill Liao co-founded the ground breaking Coder Dojo movement in an attempt to teach children how to write computer codes and programs. In relation to the movement he has stated that “Computer programming is a language skill and it needs to be learned young.” At this time Coder Dojo is operating in 22 countries and teaches 10,000 children every week. Bill Liao is also known for his involvement as investor and director in such companies as Silicon Republic, Storyful and many more and from his best-selling book “Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing.”

Having Bill Liao come to our Centre is an absolute privilege. Especially as DEC Coder Dojo has been such a success with the young people of Dungarvan. Anike Tyrrell, CEO of Waterford County Enterprise Board noted that “Dungarvan has one of the best fibre optics networks in Ireland and Bill Liao is a huge name in the digital world, his presence in Dungarvan only further pushes the notion that we could transform our town into the digital centre of the south-east.”

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Digital Workshops at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre

Online Advertising & Understanding Google AnalyticsHow important is online advertising to my business? Is there a link between advertising online and actual in-store sales? How can I increase the effectiveness and traffic flow to my website? These are key questions for any business from start ups to prehistoric firms, and small local business's to corporate giants. All of these questions will be answered in the first of our upcoming digital workshops. In this workshop you will learn how to understand the mechanics of your website and the power it has to help increase your sales, improve your traffic flow and understand your customer needs, all from their usage of your site. This workshop will be delivered by Darach Cawley of Darock media, an IT expert and programmer who founded bundlebee.ie.

Wednesday 10th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Getting Sales from the Web

Sales. What could be more important to a business? The customer comes into your place of business, cash is exchanged for your product or service and everyone is happy. But what if there was a way in which you could sell your product or service without your customers seeing the physical product or even setting foot in the door? What would you think if I told you your website could become an interactive shop and not just a dissociated shop front? This idea is not as strange as it sounds. In response to a recent survey completed by local business's we are offering you a chance to learn from the best how you can use your website to generate sales! Online selling is a continuously growing trend and so we wish to use this workshop to teach you how you can get the most out of your website. The following workshop, presented by the founder of bundlebee.ie and IT expert and developer Darach Cawley, will give you the know how to make sales online and transform your website into a professional e-commerce centre.

Wednesday 17th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Getting Sales from Facebook

Facebook is just another way to promote my business, right? Facebook can never actually make me any money, right? So therefore I should invest little time into running it, right? Wrong! Your business's Facebook page can be so much more than a simple tool to promote your latest offer. Today it has become another weapon in your arsenal of sales devices. Generating actual sales and sending people from your Facebook page to your shop has become a real possibility. Ask yourself, are you using your Facebook to its max? In the third of our upcoming digital workshops you will learn how to make your page profitable, be seen online, and most importantly generate sales for your business. This workshop will be presented by sales professional and social media afficionado Shane Morrisey of Munster Social Media.

Friday 27th April, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Introduction to Video Production with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Picture this: you are a business planning on increasing your sales or perhaps your market share or maybe you want to diversify your target audience. This is when you decide you need an effective way to market yourself to your new audience or gain a wider reach. You've learnt about the importance and the global effect of viral and video marketing and want to reap these benefits, but where do you begin? This is where Colm Williamson of Waterford Whisper News comes in. In this workshop Colm will teach you how to create your own videos and add effects. By the end of this workshop your business will be capable of releasing your own viral videos. Don't worry if you are not a Steven Spielberg, this is a workshop completely for beginners!

Wednesday 1st May, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

Writing Content for Web Blogging and Online Communication

I know what you're thinking: why should my business get involved in content writing? Blogs just seem like a waste of time, don't they? How can blogging benefit my type of business? These are queries which will be covered thoroughly in our writing content for blogging workshop. The importance of creation of strong content has become more and more relevant to all business's in recent years. A blog is a simple means of getting across your relevant information to customers and fuels SEO. It doesn't have to be time consuming and it isn't relevant to only one type of business over another. As well as this, it creates free PR and is a cost effective marketing strategy, its benefits to a business can be huge! This workshop teaches users how to create high quality content and generate ideas with relative ease. This workshop will be delivered by Colm Williamson of Waterford Whispers News, a content creator and online satirical writer who specialises in generating viral content.

Wednesday 8th May, 9:00 - 13:00. Price: €40. To book call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.

To book your place in any of the above workshops call Mags at 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com.
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