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Social Media Marketing Laws and Benefits


We are basing this blog post on two articles written by Jayson DeMers and Susan Gunelius. Both of these articles tell you a little more about Social Media Marketing  in Business and how it works to improve your business . We will introduce you  to some of the top laws and benefits taken from the articles. 

According to Susan Gunelius these are 10 laws of social media marketing,which govern what you should do with Social Media in your business. Our favorite laws are:
  • Law of Listening - more listening less talking in social media marketing means you have to be sure what are they talking about and  then you can create content, that is relevant and useful for your audience.
  • Law of Acknowledgment - never ever ignore a  person who tries to reach out to you always acknowledge.Even if the communication is a complaint, acknowledge it and take resolution offline.
  • Law of Accessibility - always when you publish your content you can't disappear. You have to be online and ready to talk
  • Law of Influence -find the influencers in your marketplace and industry, connect with them, see what they share and try to build relationships that will get your content shared with their highly qualified relevant audience 
  • Law of Value - you need to give to gain - you need to be offering more than a sales pitch to be successful in social media. Put your energy and focus into building quality content and relationships 

More information about the'' Laws of Social Media Marketing'' written by the Susan Gunelius click here 


The other article written  by Jayson DeMers  shows you the benefits of social media, have are our favorites: 
  • Improved Brand Loyalty - you need be online for brand loyalty, brands who engage on social media channels get higher loyalty from their customers, according to Texas Tech University.  
  • Better Search Engine Rankings -the fact is the most popular search positions are affected by social media, strong brands almost always use social media.  If you want your customers to find you on search your brand needs to be in the social media space, which will make your brand appear legitimate,credible, and trustworthy.
  • Improved Customer Insights - remember the law of listening? You should be listening and reading comments to better understand what people think of your business .You can target your content better based on topics being spoken about and you can then see which types of content generate the most interest—and then produce more of that type of content.
If you are wondering about more benefits you can get from social media marketing click here and check out the full article 

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