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50 must-have apps for your business

We were very excited about the article written by Adrian Weckler, Technical editor from Irish Independent, on ''50 must-have apps for your business'' and we  decided to share a little about it.

Smartphones are not just good looking gadgets, in this article Adrian Weckler  recommends the most useful apps for your business.

These are some examples of useful apps and why you need them:  

  • DocuSign it's been 15 years since 'Digital signatures' were first  flagged in Ireland. But it's still not working for business most Irish institutions still look for faxed responses to signature-specific documents. DocuSign allows you to capture your signature and use it for online documents. 
  • Evernote  another good app you should have on your smartphone - it works right across  most devices. On this app you can access all of your notes, memos and documents (from years back,too).
  • Fiverr One of the trickiest bits of starting your own business is getting small professional services done. Fiverr is like the eBay of service-provides. From artwork to design to voiceovers to other business services, this has lots available at reasonable prices.
  • mSecure app is very clever and it help you keep one password which allows you entry into an online 'safety vault ' where you store other passwords.
  • Hangouts this app is probably one of Google's most underused (and underrated) free features. It lets you hold impromptu conferencing sessions, either social or professional in nature, using your phone, tablet or PC. Up to 10 people can participate on the same Hangout call.
  • Wifi finder is a very handy app when you travel and you need internet, this app shows you a bucketful of public wifi hotspots in your immediate vicinity
  • Viber  allows you to make calls and send  messages for free  to any of your friends who use viber as well and  all you have to have is access to wifi.  
  • Dropbox allows you to upload,download or access documents, photos or other files across lots of devices. It's particularly handy if you want to give lots of people access to a  collection of large files without having to email them.

For more information and the rest of the top 50 apps click here 
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