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Lorna Sixsmith Media Consultant and author at Write on Track

When: Thur 20th March, 9.30-13.00 
Where: Town Hall, Augustines Street, Dungarvan 
How much: €35 per person 

 What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is usually used in the creative world where someone has  publish a book, film or music they want published and can't find funding to get started,
 By reaching out to the public via the internet and social media you seek donations to get your project up and running. Members of the  public are asked to donate any amount they wish to enable you to produce your product. This can be as small as €10 or as large as €1,000, it is up to the donor, there is no pay back on the money and no necessary gain for the lender.  Two of the well-known sites for Crowdfunding are Kickstarter and Fundit.

Crowdfunding has many advantages besides providing you with the finance to get started it also develops:
Brand Awareness
Free Press Coverage
The Creation of Brand Ambassadors

One example of brand funding in recent times is that of film Director Simon Fitzmaurice. Simon suffers from motor neuron disease and was successful when he asked the public  through the Ray D’arcy show to fund him in the process of completing his latest film, "My name is Emily".
 Lorna offers training and bogging services to SME's and start-ups. She works with many of the Enterprise Boards and Partnerships as a social media trainer and mentor.
Lorna's blog has reached the final of the Irish Blog Awards and Social Media Awards on numerous occasions. She has spoken about her blogging and social media platforms at various national conferences and business events. She is a successful Crowdfunder and has self-published her book "Would you marry a farmer".

The content of the workshop entails:
Explaining the concept of Crowdfunding
How much should you ask for ?
What needs to go in a pitch/video?
The importance of creating rewards that people want
The importance of community and social media

Participants will be put into groups (e.g 5) and provided with different sample projects. They will decide on
Main message
Time Scale
Selection of rewards
Action Plan/ social media/press strategy.

For more information on this workshop you can contact Mags on 058 23598 or email: dungarvanec@gmail.com

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