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Hi my name is Siun Morrissey,I am 19 years old and I am currently a student in Cork Institute of Technology and I am studying Marketing.

Your customers are on social media so you need to be too! Many of us don't know where to start with social media, but this is where Devin Joubert a blogger comes in she has written a very interesting blog  which helps businesses gain more traffic(followers) on there Social Media platforms. It is titled "50 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Help You Build Traffic." I have read this Blog and made my own interpretation on it. I am going to write about the tips which I believe will be the most useful for businesses on social media.


 Facebook is one of the worlds biggest communication websites, but even if you have a Facebook profile for your business it can still be quiet difficult to get people to notice your company. These are the tips which I believe will make people notice your brand.

Groups are a great way to get the consumer interested and involved in your business. The reason that a business would set up a group on Facebook is for their repeat and loyal customers, to get their input on the business such as what they would like to see in the business and also what they would like to change in the business..
Creating a group is a very easy thing to do once you know how.
  1. Go onto your Facebook page and click on the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on the arrow down, scroll down and click on Groups
  3. Add whoever you want to your group.
  4. Then add the group to your favourites as it will be easy yo access.
Its that simple and will make a lot of difference in the amount of followers and customers that you will receive.

Carousel and Canvas:
This is a way of presenting your images and videos that will draw the public in, it increase the views on your page and to get more people interested in your business and what you have to offer. It is like a slide show for Facebook a way of telling a story and like the Facebook Groups it is also quite simple to do if you know how of course!
  1. Go onto your Facebook profile and click on Photo/Video.
  2. A list should appear and you should then click either Carousel or Canvas they are both similar.
  3. Then add in your desired photos, videos and descriptions.
  4. Once you have finished editing your content you are done.
This is an excellent form of communication as you could show your followers how you set up your business, what type of products you have and what new products or ideas that you might have in the future.
Link Messages:
Many companies post photos  along with a link to get people to click on this link and to get them to read what they have written, however it has been proven that the majority of people don't even bother clicking the link but instead look at the photo and continue to scroll down the page. Instead what business should be doing is posting a link without an image. it has been proven that it sends more people to your website.

Although these three are very different they all work the same. They all manage to boost the amount of consumers looking at your Facebook Page which is a success for business.

Along with Facebook, Twitter is an excellent platform for communication with the public. These are the tips which I believe will get you the most "traffic" on your twitter page.

Retweets are extremely important as it shows the public what you are interested in which could lead you to connect with your customers. Retweeting is also very important when a customer has chosen to write about an experience with your products, by retweeting their post it shows that you care about their opinion and what they have to say regarding your product.

Polls are a brilliant way to communicate with the public, by using polls you get to ask your followers what they would like to see from you in the future, have they tried your new product and what they thought of it. This is a great way to know what your customers want and what their interests are.they are also a good way with keeping up with new trends and asking people for their opinion on them, such as sports, fashion, new technology etc .Polling is very simple you just need to use these steps and you should be okay.

  1. Log into your twitter account.
  2. Compose a tweet.
  3. Before you click Tweet click on the "Add a Poll" icon on the bottom left.
  4. Then ask your questions and you are ready to go
Hashtags are so important when it comes to Twitter they show the public what you like and what you are interested in. Hashtags also make it easier for your followers to find your content. However it is important not to use too many hashtags as this could mean that your content ends up being hard to find. Stick to using between 1-2 hashtags between each tweet, this will just make it easier for your followers and the public to find and reply to your tweets much easier.

Social Media is a big platform in today's society which means that we have to embrace it and understand it to be able to compete with the much larger companies. I believe that Twitter and Facebook are a great place to start.

Hi my name is Siun Morrissey,I am 19 years old and I am currently a student in Cork Institute of Technology and I am studying Marketing.


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