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Pokémon GO has finally been launched in Ireland

Pokémon GO is Huge

Pokemon GO has finally been launched in Ireland.  

Pokemon GO which was first launched in Australia and New Zealand has taken the world by storm. It is an unprecedented phenomenon in the countries where it's so far been released (26 of them being throughout Europe).  GO has topped Twitter's daily active users, and it is now being reported that people are now spending more time in its app than in Facebook (preferring to catch creatures than scroll through their Facebook!).  Pokemon GO has claimed the title of "biggest mobile game in United States history", breaking all downloading records.  It has topped the likes of Candy Crush's audiences as well as other top games.  Reports say that Pokemon GO is now closing in on Snapchat on Android, and it could even pass Google Maps on Android!

On Monday just gone, iPhone users spent more time in Pokemon GO than any other app, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.  In addition to capitalising on the Pokemon brand, the app has introduced brilliant gaming mechanics in terms of keeping players active, engaged and returning.

How it works!

Pokemon GO uses your actual location data to pinpoint the cartoon creatures.  It is centered around geolocation, so to actually catch more Pokemon you have to literally put in the legwork.  This means that it is making any usually couch-bound video gamer get up and take a walk (not you of course)! It shamelessly pokes people off  the couch and onto roads, tracks, etc, doing that dreaded 10 letter word, "exercising".  Never have so many dogs been walked by so many teenagers!  And even better still, is that parents and their kids are getting involved together, giving quality parental time a whole new meaning (a definite positive I think).  So get some fresh air, take in some sun-rays, make it a family affair!  Players can check their games map on their smartphones, if there's a wild Pokemon in their area it'll appear on the screen and away you go!
Just remember though to take extreme care when tracking and capturing your prey!  The last thing you want is to run into a wall, fall over a cat or even worse again run into traffic while playing (as in some cases reported!).

Fad Museum  

  • 1980's Cabbage Patch Dolls: - pudgy faces, stumpy arms and small close set eyes which also came with a birth certificate and adoption papers.
  • 1990's Tamagotchi:- high tech, virtual pet sent kids insane and parents searching toy stores all over town to try and find one.  Essentially you had this little digital pet that you had to feed and clean up after.  Most kids dream at the time was to have the coolest design out there.
  • 2000's Gadgets:- The new millennium got off with a great start where the world of gadgetry was concerned.  From the "I-Pod" in 2001, the "X Box" in  2002 to the "Amazon Kindle" in 2007.

Is Pokemon GO a fad?

As already mentioned, Pokemon GO actually gets people up and out!  This they say may dampen popular enthusiasm somewhat over time where winters are harsh.  How will this work for us here in Ireland when the sun isn't shining which fortunately isn't today (so thankful for wonderful weather we are having!), it remains to be seen.

The bottom line

Mobile gamers (which you and  I should consider ourselves after downloading this app) are clearly devoting a lot of time to our newfound pursuit of Pokemon. You and I now have to wait and see what developer Niantic does to keep us engaged,  and the momentum maintained, for the long haul.  Watch this space I say ....

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