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Are You Stuck For An Idea?

Are You Stuck For An Idea?
Innovation is key in Business. Without new innovations businesses would suffer greatly and would most likely be left behind in our fast paced society

Many small companies feel that innovation is for much greater and larger corporations, but what they must remember is that those large companies began as small business who just started with a new innovation which led them to be the huge, successful corporations that they are today. However, what small companies must remember is that they have the upper hand on many of the larger corporations. Smaller businesses have more contact with their customers and would have a better idea of what they need and want. Smaller organisations can make decisions much quickly than larger business which means that they can get their ideas out onto the market first and small business can develop a team culture which allows everyone to get involved in innovation, however larger businesses would be unable to do this as there are too many employees.

A great example of a small company who came up with a brilliant idea would be “Snapchat”. Snapchat is a photo messaging app which is now a multi-billion corporation, however at the start they were just a small company who came up with a new idea. When they became popular Facebook tried to buy the company but the owners of Snapchat refused to sell. This led Facebook to create their own photo messaging app, however their app didn’t take off and it ultimately failed. This example proves that smaller companies can rise up and inevitably become one of the world’s most popular and powerful companies.

The “Idea Factory” is a company which helps business to develop and to think of new innovations which will help businesses to grow and succeed. The company was established by Joe Fitzgerald who has studied innovation at MIT and Harvard and Michael Cagney who has over thirty years’ experience as a manager in HR, Finance and Operations. They offer many services at the “Idea Factory” such as, idea generation, innovation training, creative training, innovation consulting, facilitation and workshops. They believe in the innovation funnel, that is if one idea is launched that many more will come. Their ultimate goal is to help business succeed.

 On Wednesday the 22nd of June the owners of the “Idea Factory” are coming to the Dungarvan Enterprise Centre to speak about innovation. The seminar is free and all are welcome. 

Writer; Siun Morrissey,
Currently studying Business in Cork Institute of Technology going into my 2nd year. For the summer I am volunteering at Dungarvan Enterprise Centre.

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