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6 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

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6 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

Another useful article about how to increase Twitter engagements  written by Shayla Price. In this article you’ll discover six ways to increase engagement on Twitter.

  • Offer Personalized Encouragement 

Image result for Increase Twitter EngagementThe author draws the attention ''the best engagement is sometimes a simple response. Customers are thrilled when you devote time to interact with them''. We all get excited when our tweets are acknowledged. And of course stay away from disingenuous comments. If your business isn’t known for encouragement, your customers may be confused by the message. 

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  • Share Their Tweets  

It’s human nature to want to be validated, so retweet your followers to show you recognize the value of their content. Let them know that what they’re saying or posting online matters.If your business is an extension of your personal brand, you may want to retweet content on your personal account.

  • Run a Contest

People love giveaways:), so running a Twitter contest for a chance to win free swag is a good way to encourage engagement. Plus, all of the social mentions will boost brand awareness.To create a Twitter contest, choose a contest theme that resonates with your followers and decide how people will enter the contest. It’s important to keep a low barrier to entry to make it easy for people to participate. Make sure you promote the contest on multiple social media channels.

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  • Include a Relevant Hashtag

Create and promote a hashtag campaign to reinvigorate your community and spark conversation around your brand.To start a hashtag campaign, decide on the goal of your campaign and how it will relate to your customers. Then research what your audience is talking about to come up with a hashtag that they’ll identify with.

  • Link to Problem-Solving Content

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One way to grab your followers’ attention is to provide content that will help improve their lives. This is a great way to integrate your brand into their lifestyles and strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

  • Answer Customer Calls for Help
There will inevitably be times when your company doesn’t meet customers’ expectations and they’ll need your assistance. Helping to solve their problems is a way to provide good customer service and at the same time strengthen customer relationships.

Each of these ideas will will help you get your followers talking about and to you on Twitter. Use one or all of them to build more engagement with people on Twitter. If you would like to read all the article click here 

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