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How to Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Results

6 Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Results

Pinterest is an online service that allows you to share images through social networking. Pinterest is the website where you have a "pin board" that allows you to post ideas that you want to remember and then share them with your friends through Facebook.

Here we have six smart tips to teach you how to grow your Pinterest marketing results. The article by Mitt Ray who is the author of the book White Paper Marketing and the founder of Social Marketing Writing. If you wonder what is wrong with your Pinterest because you have no marketing results this article is exactly what you looking for.

Is your Pinterest account working for you?
Want to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level?

1: Optimize Your Page- You have to fill your profile very exactly with a town where you are but don’t write a book about you and your business. Match your nick name with a business name to make easy for everyone to find you.
Make sure that your page has at least 10 boards. Place your most important or popular boards in the top row. That way they’re displayed above the fold, and people will see them immediately when they visit your brand page. To apply this tactic to your boards, use similar cover images for all of your boards but choose a unique image for your most popular board (or the one you want to drive followers to).

2: Design Content to Support Goals- Before you can determine what to pin, think about your goals. They might be to drive engagement and build an audience or to drive traffic. Most businesses choose a primary goal (such as driving traffic) and a secondary goal that complements the primary goal (like gaining more followers).

3: Be Strategic with Your Pinning Schedule- on Pinterest, people can follow you or follow one or more of your boards. So posting only to your most popular boards won’t keep all of your followers engaged. It’s important to post to your less popular boards, too. If you have boards for various categories, you can pin specific images for different days of the week.

4: Design Skinny Images- About photos on Pinterest you have to know are some rules. The Pinterest team did some research and the results are suggest that you should put photos with red and orange colours and that photos with no faces are better than photos with faces, it’s funny but that is confirmed by a detailed examinationJ.

5: Write Detailed Descriptions- Accompany your pins with good descriptions. According to Dan Zarrella, pins with descriptions of around 200 characters get the most repines. End the description with a call to action that’s relevant to your goal.

6: Test Various Pin Times- Schedule your most important updates from 2 pm to 4 pm and 8 pm to 1 am. These are the best times to pin, according to this infographic from Social Marketing Writing. The best day to pin is Saturday.

Pinterest recently hit 100 million monthly active users. The platform is driving high amounts of traffic and engagement for websites and blogs. The most productive way to reach your goals on Pinterest is to create and follow a plan.
As you become more active on Pinterest and optimize your website, your audience will expand, and new people will follow you and pin from your website. To keep up with new platform features and design changes, regularly check your analytics and modify your Pinterest plan. Do this every one to three months at minimum.

If you are interested to learn more click here and read whole article. 

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