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Getting the Most from Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising 101: How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

This article is for everyone who has tried Facebook ads but has had little success. We found this an article on social media examiner.

Why use Facebook ads?
If you've built up a Facebook business page and have a few thousand fans, you might find that your engagement is slipping. So start with targeting your fans. It’s the cheapest way to target on Facebook, since you don’t pay as much when you target your own fans versus a cold audience. Then create a lookalike audience of your own fan base. You tell Facebook that you have these fans, and you want to target people who are similar in likes, interests, activities and behaviour. Then upload your email list to Facebook. Facebook will compare it to their database, and when they find a match, they put the contact in a bucket. Simple when you know how.

Graphics for Facebook ads - If you’re really new and people don’t know you or your brand yet, run with content. Let the ad graphic speak for itself. Since you can only have 20% text in an ad graphic, use the Facebook grid tool to test your images before uploading them.
There are three types of Facebook ads: sidebar, news feed and mobile. When you set up your ad, if you have a really small budget, start with a news feed ad. When you set up the ad in the dashboard, you’ll see a preview of your ad both ways. Remember, if you’re doing a mobile ad that promotes a webinar or other event, make sure the registration page is mobile-responsive.

Facebook ad text - For Facebook ads, create a headline below the image and add a description. However, the most important text for your ad is right above the image. Try this text format: Start with your question. Then write two sentences to tell your audience what to do. Also, include either the link in the text or write “click below” to lead your readers to the link in the ad. Boost a post if you want to get something out quickly.

Your ad budget- Start by spending €4 for each ad set. To set up an ad, you create a campaign, then an ad set and finally an ad. If you want to set up two ad sets, put €4 to both of those per day. Try to get up to €16 per day for a period of time. A week would be great.

When it’s time to change your ads- Before you change anything about the ad itself, start with your targeting. Do a lot of homework and make sure you get in front of the right people. This will lower your cost per lead considerably.

Discovery of the Week- Raindrop, which functions as an archive and collection system, is a cloud-based web, desktop and mobile app that syncs across all your devices. Use it as a collecting, organizing, sharing and collaborating tool. To use Raindrop for collaboration, sign up (it’s free), log in and set up a shared folder or two. Then, allow access just as you do with services like Drop-box.

If you want to learn more, please read the full article on Social Media Examiner.
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