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4 Awe-Inspiring Digital Marketing Specialists You Simply Must Follow

4 Awe-Inspiring Digital Marketing Specialists You Simply Must Follow

We found another good article written by Zara Burke of Digital Marketing Institute, she knows about digital marketing, social media, email, mobile and Analytics - so it is worth a read and she is definitely worth a follow - she's a font of knowledge :) 

In this article she is trying pushing us to be more curious, to tap into expertise in order make it easier to use all the tools that we need to be visible to other people online. 

The article has four stories, four experts, and four tools explained in a very clear way. All you have to do is study their success stories and get inspired. We will introduce two experts from the article to give you a taste of what's included.

Jon Morrow is an expert and a blogger extraordinaire, programmer, marketing strategist and expert speaker. He decided be a blogger after a traumatic car crash accident, interestingly most people who survive serious accidents start to think "what am I doing, life is too short ...'' and, realising their mortality they do something totally different then what they did before. Jon Morrow decided to be a blogger. He talks about how to lead a more fulfilling life. His style works because it is authentic, relevant and comes from the heart. He understands that great content starts with the customer and works back. 

Jeff Bullas is a social marketing blogger, keynote speaker and digital strategist, consultant and best selling author. 
Another good guy, and another inspiring story about turning a life around. His passion for social media marketing translated to a blog gave him many psychological benefits and, importantly, his passion resulted in a profitable business. If, like us here in Dungarvan Enterprise Centre, you are low on budget and dependent on affordable marketing tactics, Jeff's blog posts contain some truly unique ideas. 

In this article Zara Burke writes about two more experts with great back stories. One of them is SEO expert Rand Fishkin and the other is Analytics expert Avinash Kaushik.

If you want to know more 
click here and read whole article. 

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