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How Good are You at Digital Marketing?

In the latest Digital Marketing Institute blog post they discuss the release of their free tool to measure your Digital Marketing skills.
In 2014, businesses simply need to be online because that is now where their customer base resides.
Did you know:
  • The amount of time adults spend using digital media surpassed the amount of time they spent watching TV in 2013.
  • 77% of the time we spend watching TV we are using another device simultaneously. 
  • The average person now spends one in 12 waking minutes online.
  • The average person checks their Facebook page 14 times a day.
  • 72 hours of content are updated to YouTube every minute.
  • There are more mobile phones in the world than there are toothbrushes.
  • Companies that blog more than about 15 times per month, get 5 times more traffic.
  • The amount of e-mail that that is opened on smartphones and tablets has increased by 80% globally in the last 6 months.
  • The average consumer reads 11 different reviews along the way to completing the purchase.
From these facts, it is obvious to see that businesses that refuse to adapt to digital marketing will be left behind by competitors who choose to engage with consumers online.
Now, the Digital Marketing Institute has created the Digital Diagnostic!
The free Diagnostic will test your digital skills. You can retest yourself as many times as you want and, importantly, can benchmark your progress over time as you become more adept at different marketing skills.
The Diagnostic questions are based entirely on the Digital Marketing Institute’s exam for its industry validated Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Test your Digital Marketing skills today with the free Digital Marketing Institute Diagnostic.

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