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Coder Dojo needs You!

As the song says “Children are the future teach them well and let them lead the way”

All kids now seem to be whizz kids when it comes to using iPad and laptops to play games. Would it not be great if they could put all that time to better use?, The Coder Dojo programme does exactly that, it teaches kids the skill of computer programming so that they can create their own websites and games and even design apps. Coder Dojo is a non-profit programme that relies solely on volunteers. This is a global movement and there are currently 420 Dojos in 43 Countries. The Ninjas will learn to use HTML, CSS and PHP. Bill Liao who has been involved in the set- up of the Coder Dojo movement encourages us to empower children to be creators rather than consumers, to get the children to start thinking about how these games work as opposed to just swiping screens. This is a free programme  open to kids from 8-11 years of age. The Eircom Junior Spider awards have seen a 45% increase in participants, many of these kids are or have been Coder Dojo Ninjas.

Dungarvan Enterprise Centre has been involved in  the Coder Dojo programme since 2012, and so far has put eighty Ninjas through the programme so far. The Ninjas from the 2013 programme will receive their belts on the 31st of May 2014.

If you have a programming background and are familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP and can give the kids two hours of your time every second Saturday during the school term we would love to hear from you. Without the help of volunteers this programme can't go ahead, thus preventing the kids from discovering their potential which may set them on a career path that may never have been explored without Coder Dojo.

If YOU can help keep this programme in Dungarvan or have kids interested in becoming Ninjas please contact us on 058 23598 or dungarvanec@gmail.com

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